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Apuleius and His Influence Elizabeth H. Haight

Apuleius and His Influence

Elizabeth H. Haight

Kindle Edition
190 pages
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PERMIT me to introduce to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, my distinguished friend, Apuleius of Madaura. I am aware that a few of you have met him before- I surmise that to many he is unknown- I am convinced that he will challenge the interest of all.You ask: Who is this person? as his hero Lucius says. Hear in a few words: A gentleman horn in Africa, educated in Carthage, Athens and Rome, who lived in the second century of our era, and had a varied career as lawyer, sophist and litterateur.Why do I introduce him? Because to me his works are modern, stimulating and of infinite variety from his interests in men, women and romance- in science, magic, religion and philosophy. Why do I think you should know him? Because from Bottom back to Lucius every man with an ass head may owe something to Apuleius- because some of the best and raciest stories of the few plots in the world dropped from his pen- because in the literature and art of Europe in almost every country you are bound to meet adaptations and illustrations of his lovely story of Cupid and Psyche.I will admit frankly that he is difficult to understand, elusive, subtle, enveloped in mysteries. I cannot guarantee his moral character, or certify his good taste, or clear him from the charge of having practiced magic. I can affirm, however, in his own words, that studied he will give you joy.Lector, intende- laetaberis.CONTENTSPRESENTING APULEIUSI. THE AGE OF THE ANTONINESII. THE LIFE OF APULEIUSIII. THE WRITINGS OF APULEIUS1. The Metamorphoses2. The Apologia3. The Florida4. Philosophical WorksIY. APULEIUS IN THE MIDDLE AGES1. In the Early Middle Ages2. In the Middle Ages after the Eighth CenturyV. APULEIUS THE WRITER OF ROMANCEFROM THE FOURTEENTH TO THE NINETEENTH CENTURYVI. THE MOST PLEASAUNT AND DELECTABLE TALE OF THE MARRIAGE OF CUPIDE AND PSYCHES (Done in English) .VII. THE STORY OF CUPID AND PSYCHE IN ART1. In Ancient Art2. Certain Uses in Renaissance and Modern ArtAVE ATQUE VALE