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Zacks Point of View: Ants and Turnips Wayne Hunt

Zacks Point of View: Ants and Turnips

Wayne Hunt

Published January 26th 2009
Kindle Edition
52 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Zack, an intelligent and handsome donkey, lives on a small farm a short distance west of Yosemite National Park. With his two best donkey friends, Willie and Pedro, he works hard to help his family and the other farm animals support the basic livelihood of their elderly owner, Mr. Donohue. Zack, Willie, and Pedro also play hard during their leisure time and often visit Yosemite National Park to see the beautiful sunsets from high atop Glacier Point. Their lives change drastically after they accidentally break a fence of their not-so-friendly neighbor, Mr. Bumby. Mr. Donohue suddenly dies and leaves the farm to his nephew, Mr. Bumby.Afterward, Mr. Bumby sends Zack’s mom and dad away to the far eastern side of Yosemite and places Zack up for sale. Zack learns to become the barnyard’s new leader through a series of events that tests his courage and impresses upon him that all things turn out for good for those who believe in God and continue to have faith. His uncle Joseph, a retired Catholic priest, helps guide him through his difficulties. And of all unlikely characters, Profound Pig, who is seemingly lazy and unintelligent, offers a unique perspective about Grumbling Goose who continuously complains about everyone and everything. With this new perspective, a new meaning for “ants” and “turnips” is created and is helpful to Zack as he shapes his personal points of view about people and about life. Zack also senses a new feeling of romance as he becomes more acquainted with a young female donkey named Zelda.